plastic barrels

Q: Do you have red open top plastic barrels and can we get a logo screened onto them?

A: What size barrels do you wish logo printing on? How many colors is your logo?

Printing is subject to minimums. What quantity are you looking for?


Q: Is there an industry guideline for colors of barrels? (eg White for food, Blue for syrups, black for non-food grade/hazmat etc)

A: Not that I am aware of. Though you will seldom see food in black as that is commonly considered to be non-food grade. This has more to do with the resin that is used when the container is black than any color coding standard.

Food packers might prefer white as it is one more line of defense against contamination by making certain potential problems easy to spot.


Q: Can you store gasoline in a plastic barrel?

A: We encourage the use of lined steel for gasoline.





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