plastic carboys

Q: Would you provide a sample of your HED-HPA 4368? Does your price include lids. Can you print on the box?

A: What address would you like the sample sent to?

Yes, the price includes lids.

Please elaborate on your printing need. Do you require pre-printed boxes? Do you intend to print something on the boxes yourself?


Q: I am looking for a 5 gallon container, with an opening on the top for putting in product and an spout at the bottom for dispensing the product. Do you have this?

A: We do not stock anything exactly like what you describe; however, our 5 gallon rectangulars have a large opening(approx. 70mm) and can be used with spigots to accomplish what you seem to be after.

Q: I am looking for a spigot that fits on the 35lb cubitainers that bulk fryer oil is sold in. Do you have a product for this appliaction?

A: We stock a 5 gallon that can be supplied with threaded cap that a 3/4" spigot can be applied to. If this would fit on your container would require we send you a sample to determine.

Do you know who manfactures the container?


Q: Do you have a spigot that will fit directly into the mouth of the standard, round 5-gallon water bottle like you buy at Kinetico and have refilled as needed? I am wanting to just insert the spicket directly into the bottle of water. Thank you.

A: No we do not carry anything like this. Have you tried the manufacturer of the unit. While they may not carry it as an accessory they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Q: I need an easy way to carry 5 gallon water jugs

A: Any of our 5 gallon plastic carboys would be usefull for this purpose.

Q: I am looking for an old newspaper ink container that has a push/pull lid

A: Our ink cans would be as close as we could come to what you are describing.





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