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Q: Are clear polystyrene jars good for essential oil?

A: No - these jars are not suitable for essential oils.

Q: I need 1/2 gal plastic container in amber with black plastic lid, any ideas?

A: You use of the term "lid" suggests you are either looking for a jar or a pail. Is this correct?

Q: I am searching for interlocking (stackable) plastic jars (1/2 oz - 1 oz), which I can fill with candle wax (no wick used)for customers to smell the different scents. I have searched several sites. I have seen these used before. Thank you for your time.

A: We searched a little too and "came up empty" (container humor). We did locate some manufactureres of nestable jars but they were all on the order of 32oz to 1 gallon. (nowhere near you 1/2 oz to 1oz range)

We would suggest you visit some candle sites as in inside out approach to determining what they industry calls these small interlocking jars. Once you have the right phrase to throw into your favorite search engine you will likely find dozens of sources.


Q: do your jars have lids?

A: Yes, they do; however, they are a seperate item because of the wide variety of options.

For most items you will see a column that reads "caps" this column will show a link to the cap options where applicable.


Q: 86oz plastic pail

A: I believe you may be looking for our 86oz / 5lb. plastic tubs.

Q: I need a 1 gallan rectangleular or square large mouth container. Have any?

A: Yes, we stock a one gallon rectagular canister gallon that may be what you are looking for.

Q: I am looking for a 4 oz. clear polypropylene plastic that is certified by the manufacturer as food grade and is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

A: We stock natural polypro jars which are translucent NOT clear. The clear variety are polystyrene.

Poly pro jars are food grade, and can withstand higher temperatures than HDPE plastic.


Q: I need 70mm disk liners NATPP Item #:PPI070CD

A: We stock them. Please call 203-288-3851 to order.

Q: I am looking for pastel colored wide mouth HDPE vaseline style jars with colored lids? Why can I not find colored plastic other than blue, green or amber? Can I custom order this. I will buy in volumes of units.

A: Yes, you can have custom colors made at volume. Minimums for custom colors vary based on item and size.

Q: Do you guys have any 6oz 100mm Poly pro Jars? Injection Molded if possible?

A: We are adding a 6oz 100mm to our line. What follows is a press release from the manufacturer, Parkway Plastics Inc.

June 1st, 2006: Parkway Plastics Inc is pleased to announce the launch of its 8oz 100mm Low Profile Regular Wall & Thick Wall Polypropylene Jar Series. This jar is a natural line extension to its just launched 6oz 100mm Regular Wall & Thick Wall Jar. It is perfect for fill sizes between 240ml to 300ml and is great for cosmetic heavy creams, gourmet foods, hand cleaners, etc. This jar will be offered as stock in natural & white polypropylene clear styrene and will also be available in an unlimited number of custom colors.


Q: Hi, I am looking for a flip top plasic container 1.5" x 3.25" or similar...please help. Thanks, Chris

A: We no longer carry flip top caps of the variety that you are indicating. You might try a search of spice supply warehouses.

Q: I am looking for the lids that go with your Plastic standard round Jars item #HSPIWMG110N48

A: Yes, we stock that cap. On our caps page down near the bottom look for 110mm 400 Caps that is what you need.

Q: I need plastic jars clear in color, square in shape, 32 ounce or about in size. Possible?

A: Yes, we currently stock a 64oz and 16oz. 32oz are available at a quantity of 2 or more pallets.

Q: Are your jars and lids suitable for canning food in?

A: You submitted your question from plastic jars so I want to be sure you understand that plastic is not suitable for traditional style canning as it is not an oxygen barrier.

We stock glass jars with with plastisol lined metal caps that would be suitable for canning. Plastisol lined caps are stocked for most of the glass jars we carry between 4oz and 1 gallon.


Q: Hi, I am looking for a jar for a new cosmetics line I am coming out with and want to try and differentiate my line from other products/packaging currently on the market. I am looking for jars with a 6 & 8 oz capacity. Do you have any suggestions?

A: We have recently added a new set "low profile" jars molded and carried as stock in white polypropylene and natural polypropylene for this exact reason. For many years the packaging industry has relied on similar and time tested size and shape jars for the bulk of their 6 and 8 oz product needs. While these jars are excellent in quality and function we feel that markets could exist that would be better served by a jar with an alternate profile. Our new line of jars (launched this year) have a large fill capacity but an extra widemouth opening (100mm). This serves the products functionality in that it allows the consumer a larger opening for which to get their hand in. This will translate into a more stable base for the jar to rest on, less wasted product, and also a larger size impression. Please let me know if these items sound like they would be of interest and we would be happy to send you some samples!

The jars are our:
6oz 100mm Regular Wall PP Jar
6oz 100mm Thick Wall PP Jar

8oz 100mm Regular Wall PP Jar
8oz 100mm Thick Wall PP Jar


Q: Can I get a sample of your Item#PPIA1203200PPW (32 OZ. Reg. Wall Plastic Jar) and Item #MRPRM120W024 (120 400) White Plastic Cap

A: Certainly. Please contact us at 203-288-3851 with your shipping information and we will send you samples to inspect.

Q: Is your item PPIA 1204000PPW - the 40 oz straight walled container suitable for packaging food? I do have another question

A: Yes, they are made with food grade polypropylene resin. Would you like a sample sent to you?

Polypropylene is durable and is often, but not always, thicker in construction than HDPE counterparts.

There is also a small gain in durability if the problem persists to using an unpigmented or natural resin. Color pigments can weaken the structure very slightly causing it to be more fragile.

Have you considered other elements such as how you are shipping them? The package you use to ship them? Are the shipping boxes made of a strong enough board to withstand the bumps and jars packages recieve in a small parcel shipping environment?





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