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Q: I am looking for 50-100 food grade half gallon plastic jugs for the packaging of milk. Do you have such an item? If so, what is the cost? Thank you, Linda Heitman

A: We do stock 1/2 gallon jugs; however, the variety you seem to be looking for (thin walled milk jugs) are not something we carry.

If you are interested in jug heavier (and more costly) than you the typical milk jug the following page on 1/2 gallon plastic jugs will provide the information you are looking for.


Q: 5 litre jug made of hard plastic

A: We stock a 4 litre center fill acid gallon which is thicker and therefore "harder" than the typical plastic gallon jugs.

Q: Can oil products be stored in your #HED-HPA55872 2.5 gallon F Style jug?

A: That depends on the nature of the "oil product" you are packing. As I am sure you are aware their are a wide variety of oil based products.

Standard motor oil and most cooking oil or similar products are fine for this container.

The primary problem with food oils is the tendancy of polyethylene to leach oxygen exposing the material inside to a shorter shelf life than would be associated with materials that don't leach oxygen.

This explains in part why your local grocery store carries some cooking oils in plastic when the particular oil is not very susceptible to degradation by exposure to oxygen (example corn oil) while others are offered only or mainly in glass or metal containers (example olive oil).

Both glass and metal (tinplate or steel) provide an oxygen barrier while most plastic containers do not.


Q: looking for a plastic container/barrel that can hold 20 gallons of H20 and has a spicket. thanks

A: Most people find our 30 gallon plastic drum usefull for this pupose. We stock a spigot or pump that can be installed in this drum.

As a smaller alternative we also stock a 15 gallon plastic drum


Q: I am looking for a 3 gallon Plastic jug with wide open mouth. Will contain molasses. Please advise. Thanks, Tom Cox

A: We stock a 2.5 gallon plastic jug with a 63mm opening.

Q: I am looking for a one gallon jug with a single reshipper?

A: Box # VCI36889 fits our 1 gallon plastic jugs. Please contact us at 203-288-3851 to request a sample of both the jug and box.

Q: Do you have a 1 gallon jug with a wide mouth that is transparent?

A: We stock a clear (PET) 1 gallon plastic jar.

Q: do you have 1 quart black f style containers for motor oil?

A: The quart F that we stock is not black.

Q: glass jug with spicket

A: We stock a 38mm Spigot that you should be able to apply to a half gallon glass jug.

Q: Can you see the product put into the jug such as clear machine oil?

A: Natural plastic containers are unpigmented. The material is translucent much like a milk jug allowing you to see the liquid level inside.

Q: Do you have 64oz natural HDPE jugs with an 4" opening and 4" diameter flip top shaker lid? Qty 6000 ea

A: While we can provide the natural 64oz jugs your best bet for the shaker lid would be spice supply wholesaler.

Q: Can you make a 1 gallon with specifict measurements?

A: Plastic jugs are created from blow molds which are fairly expensive. Though you might find a manufacturer willing to assist you if the quantity is high enough.

Otherwise you will want to look for a off the shelf item that is close to your requirements.



A: We no longer stock "Milk Jugs". You might try a local dairy as a possible source.

Q: I am looking for a blue one gallon jug for the purpose of water. I want a heavy plastic #7. Do you have those or can you tell me where I can buy those gallon jugs

A: #7 indicates a mixed plastic composition. In plastics it's the misc. category.

The plastic jugs we stock are made of HDPE and are stocked in natural or white. HDPE is what is used in most containers that we would assign "heavy duty" to, but it does not by itself have anything to do with construction of the container. Better gauges of strength are mils (how many thousands of inch thick) or gram weight (how many grams of resin were used in the construction of the container)

What follows is more information on the plastics numbering system.

1 -- PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

  • PET is used in the production of soft drink bottles, peanut butter jars...
2 -- HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
  • HDPE is found in milk jugs, butter tubs, detergent bottles, motor oil bottles...
3 -- V (Polyvinyl chloride)
  • PVC is used in shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, fast food service items...
4 -- LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)
  • LDPE is found in grocery bags, bread bags, shrink wrap, margarine tub tops...
5 -- PP (Polypropylene)
  • PP is used in most yogurt containers, straws, pancake syrup bottles, bottle caps....
6 -- PS (Polystyrene)
  • PS is found in disposable hot cups, packaging materials (peanuts), and meat trays...
7 -- Other
  • This is usually a mixture of various plastics, like squeeze ketchup bottles, "microwaveable" dishes...


Q: can you autoclave the 128 oz clear (PET) gallon jugs

A: No, 128 oz (PET) is not autoclavable.

Q: Hi, I am trying to find a 2 or 3 gallon jug preferably HDPE that I can store water in. I see you have a 2.5 gallon rectangular jug. Do you have any in that size with a wide mouth (wide enough to fit a long handled brush) so I can wash the inside of it out each time it is empty so it is sanitized? Thank you.

A: The 2.5 gallon you indicate has a 63mm opening which should be large enough to insert a brush; however, much would depend on the size of the brush. You may call us to request of a sample of the 2.5 gallon to see if it will work with your cleaning system.

Q: We are having a problem finding a 4.5L jug 100-400 opening. Our last supplier will only supply truck load, we only need about 5,000 at this time. other producer was Coil

A: We have a natural HDPE handled canister that is nominally 160 oz., but 110/400 neck finish. We could supply a clear PVC canister, 168 fluid ounce capacity at a better cost, but again 110/400 necks only.

Is the resin critical for you? Can you accept a slightly larger neck?

Let us know and we will get some samples and work up a price for you based on your usage.





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