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Q: I am looking for a plain 5 gallon bucket without lids. all i see have lids. do you sell any w/o lids so the cost would be cheaper?

A: The 5 gallon buckets shown at the address below are priced without lids.

Unless otherwise indicated most items are shown without lids as their are a variety of lid/closure options available.


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Q: Are the covers included with the plastic pails?

A: No - they are a separate item. As we offer a number of cover choices for most items pricing pails and covers together could get confusing.

Q: Looking for a pump, preferably 1 ounce, to fit on your spout top 5 gallon lids and 1 gallon jugs. Do you have anything that fits this description?

A: We do have a pump that can be used with our 5 gallon plastic pails. Please contact us for details.

Q: Do you have a white beach pail with a rope handle?

A: All of the pails we carry have wire bail handles with a plastic hand grip. The only exceptions are the threaded plastic pails which have an all plastic handle.

None of the pails we carry resemble classical beach pails.


Q: what is the mil thickness of the 5 gallon plastic pails? I am looking for 90 mils

A: Our 5 gallon plastic pails are 90 mils.

We also stock a heavy duty version that is 100 mils and is suitable for use with hazardous solids and non hazardous liquids.

While we do not stock "thin wall pails" you are correct to ask as their are thinner pails on the market.



A: Steel? Plastic? What sort of chemicals are you transporting? How are the chemicals being transported to the production site?

Q: Do the threaded pails have a gasket seal in them?

A: Threaded pails can be provided with a cover that has a injected gasket strip; however, this system is much less reliable than the tubular gaskets found on standard pails.

If the material you are packing requires a gasketed closure a threaded pail might not be the best solution for you.


Q: 2.5 gallon light blue pail

A: Please find information on our 2.5 gallon light blue plastic pails with this link.

Q: please can i have a price on white plastic buckets 20 litre we currently use about 500 a week.

A: Please contact us at 203-288-3851 or see our price quotes page to request an individual price quotation.

Q: Do you have half gallon plastic or metal pails with handles and without lids? Intended use is to use them with plastic bag liners when harvesting blackberry crop.

A: While we do have pails/tubs that are less than one gallon; nothing below a gallon has handles.

Q: Do you have a one-gallon plastic container with a lid and also have handles.

A: Our one gallon plastic pails have handles and can be supplied with lids.

Q: Is you pail no. PCI28BWHHC made from HDPE? Thanks, Stan Busman Imation

A: Yes, It is.

Q: do you have one half gallon plastic containers with lids?

A: We have a 1/2 gallon plastic tub that may be suitable.

Alternately,you could review our listing of 64oz. / half gallon containers.


Q: PCI08B5WHHC. What is the material, wall thickness, and manufacturer?

A: Wall thickness is 60mil. Material is HDPE. Manfacturer is Plastican.

Q: Do you do logos and bar codes on side of pails.

A: I assume you mean plastic pails. Yes, printing of logos and bar codes is available. Subject to minimum quantities.

Q: How does the spout or spigout attach to the plastic pail/bucket?

A: Spouted covers are supplied for these applications pre-installed. Once the consumer recieves the pail a protective tamper evident seal is removed, the spout is lifted and used. Spouted covers have a cap on the spout so that it can be reclosed.

Q: I am looking for a white 2, 3.5, 5, 6,and 7 gallon pail to ship liquids.

A: Many of our pails in this range are considered liquid tight (provide that liquid is similar properties to water) and can be used as such for non-hazardous liquids.

With that said pressure variations, modes of tranportation etc. can all effect that ability of these pails to hold their seal.


Q: Of your plastic, open-head pails and buckets, which offers air-tight lids?

A: No plastic is considered "air-tight" all poly-ethylene containers leach oxygen. Steel can provide an air-tight barrier.

Polyethylene can be treated with flourine to provide a more effective barrier against leaching.

What is your intended application?


Q: Do the lids for the 2 gallon pails have a tear off seal or similar tamperproof seal on them to prevent premature or unauthorized opening ??

A: The tearstrip mechanism is used only on pails as small as 3.5 gallons. We have nothing below that size with this style of cover. Have you considered some other system of tamper evidence such as security tape?

Q: I am looking for plastic 3-1/2 and 5 gallon buckets that have a thick ring with air cavities under it where the handle attaches. These were previously made as detergent containers by Bennet Industries. Do you carry a bucket with this design?

A: Sorry, we do not stock anything like this.

Q: Can I buy just one 5 gallon yellow bucket? Thank You, Linda

A: I am sorry, Linda but we are a wholesaler and our order minimum is $100. Perhaps you could find something at a retail outlet such as your local Home Depot.

Q: I need a UN rated plastic 5 gallon pail for the disposal of batteries. Do you know what rating to use?

A: Sorry I do not. Additionally there are likely a variety of steps to take prior to shipping. The most obvious of which is to make sure the batteries are discharged.

From there you need to know what type of batteries you have and what sort of regulations apply to their transport and disposal.


Q: if i ordered 2 cases of 6.5 gallon white buckets could i get one case drilled for spigots and gallon markers on the side of them?

A: Have considered using something more suitable for your purpose rather than reengineering a pail?

We stock a 5 gallon rectangular jerrican that has graduation marks on the outside and we stock a spigot that can be easily thread into the top.


Q: Can I get clear lids for a standard 5 gallon pail? Can I get clear 5 gallon pails?

A: By clear I assume you mean just that CLEAR like glass. We stock a Natural which is translucent and provides some measure of ability to see the product level inside but nothing more.

Q: Is there a way to make a spout on a 5 gallon white UN Rated pail "tamper evident"?

A: The spouted covers are designed to be tamper evident. Here is why:

1. The dust cover must be removed from the top of the spout in order to access the spout and can not be reapplied.
2. A piece of plastic inside the nozel must be removed before the contents can be accessed. That too can not be reapplied.
3. A tear strip on the outer rim of the cover must be removed in order to remove the cover.

Those together provide three layers of tamper evidence.

On the receiving end it is only necessary to make the customer aware of the covers inherent design to make sure the container was not tampered with.


Q: We received a sample of the 2.5 gallon container. Is there a gasket cover available for this size?

A: By 2.5 gallon container I assume you are indicating a 2.5 gallon easy open pail. The closest item with a gasket is our 2 gallon plastic pail. The 2.5 gallon is not avaialable with a gasket.

Q: I am looking to by six hundred two gallon pails to feed calves with is their any way I can just by one sample bucket

A: Call us at 1-203-288-3851 with your shipping address and we can send you a free sample to inspect.

Q: Are your 2.5 gallon pails (w/lids) NSF approved for food use? Also, are they designed to be placed in a freezer at -30 below? We are making our own ice cream and need a 2.5 gallon container to take the product from the batch freezer to the hardening cabinet to the dipping cabinet.

A: The 20B white pails are fine for food contact and many customers use them as you describe. The pails are not made of freezer grade resin. There is a risk of cracking, particularly in repeated use, usually at the lip. We must sell this container to 30 or more dip shops and rarely hear about.

Perhaps a prudent first step would be for us to send you a few samples to try in your application.


Q: I am serching for 1/2 gallon pails with handles to pick blackberries with. Do you have such an item?

A: Everything we stock in this range is without a handle. At this size you are looking a tubs and other style food containers that typically do not have handles.





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