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Q: Do you have metal buckets with grounding wires?

A: We are unclear on what you mean by grounding wires. Please elaborate.

If by grounding wires you mean wire bail handles, then the answer is yes.


Q: what is the smallest quantity I can order for item CSCP2-30-02

A: Our minimum order is $100. Beyond that you may order any quanitity you wish.

Q: What is the smallest quanity of the 6.5 open top metal bucket I can order?

A: We have a $100 minimum order. Beyond that you may order in any quantity that suits you. In some cases we may recommend particular quantities because of shipping or packing considerations.

Q: Do you have a white steel pail with lever lock resealable lid in 5, 10 and 20 liter size?

A: We can have white pails made in 3.5 and 5 gallon sizes. How many were you looking for? Where are you located?

We stock those sizes in black with the lever lock ring and resealable dish covers you describe.


Q: Do you have photos of the lid covers both the crimp lid cover and the lid with the locking ring?

A: In the image below on the lower left, the image of the grey cover is an example of a lug cover. Behind the yellow cover is a dish cover with locking ring.



A: Our 1.5 gallon closed head steel pail would be close to 5 litres.

Please let us know if this would be suitable for your need.


Q: do you sell open top steel pail rated 3a2 ?

A: We carry 3A1 (jerricans / F Cans) no 3A2.

Q: I would like to sample some slip cover tins. 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon. Do you offer?

A: Certainly. Please call our office at 203-288-3851 with your address to request samples.

Q: Is the 2 Gallon Round Steel Pail Item# USC4-02-01 safe to hold food?

A: No, they are not approved as food grade but could possibly be used in conjunction with some sort of bag to store a food product for personal use.

Q: Do you make a 2 gallon f style can or know where i can obtain one?

A: The only 2.5 gallon f style we carry is plastic. I assume you are looking for the tinplate variety as you submitted your question from the "steel pails" area of our website.

Q: do you have small pail bucket about 5 inchs dia x4 inchs h

A: You submitted your question from the steel pails area of our site. If you are looking for a metal container (steel/tin-plate) you would be looking for something like a slip cover tin can in those dimensions.

In plastic... If you are seeking plastic what you are looking for are plastic tubs and deli cups. See if those items do not more closely ressemble what you are looking for.


Q: I need 3 to 5 gallon metal pails to store vegtable oil for my fryolators. Are your standard steel pails ok? Or will I need a food grade coated or sealed product. The oil will be around 150 to 200 degrees when put in pails. It will be reused for frying later.

A: Provided you do not expect the temperature to exceed 200 degrees any of our lined steel pails, save poly-ethylene lined, would be suitable.

Q: Could one of your metal bucket with lid be safe to put hot charcoal in

A: Yes, but unlined only

Potentially deadly toxic fumes can be generated by placing hot charcaol into a lined steel pail.


Q: Are there any resealable steel buckets (pails) that are rated for food grade?

A: We stock steel pails with utilize a dish cover and locking ring. This makes the package resealable. Our steel pails ARE NOT food grade.

Q: Are any of your 5 gallon open head steel pails considered food grade? Put another way, Can any of you 5 gallon open head steel pails be safely used for food storage if liner bags are used in conjuction with them?

A: Our 5 gallon steel pails are not food grade; however, all our plastic pails except black are food grade.





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