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A: We stock the following items.
  1. 1/2 Pint slip cover can
  2. 1/2 Pint paint can
We also stock a 1/2 pint utility can with a screw cap. Please call us at 203-288-3851 for more information.

Q: Do you carry small paint cans? Maybe 5 or 6 inches high?

A: Our half gallon paint cans are 5 7/8" tall.

Q: Do you have lined one liter cans.

A: We stock quart/32oz cans that would be close but slightly less than a true litre.


A: Yes, we do. The following link will direct you to our plain quart paint cans. They are supplied with plugs.

Q: Do the qt & 1/4 pt cans come w/ caps?

A: This is admittedly a little confusing.

The quart cans are supplied by the manufacturer with the plugs prepacked with the cans. Therefore they are priced as a single unit.

The 1/4 Pint cans and plugs are packed seperately and are priced seperately. The following link will direct you to the 1/4 pint plugs.

I hope this clarifies things for you.


Q: do you have clear gallon tin cans?

A: Clear tin? Please elaborate. Do you mean an unfinished tinplate can, ie, bare metal or are you perhaps looking for a clear plastic gallon jar?

Q: do you have colored tin pails

A: We stock colored steel pails. Tinplate cans such as our slip cover cans may be available at larger quantity. How many are you looking for?

Q: Do you have a pouring cap for F style cans (1 1/4")

A: We do not carry pouring caps for F style cans. Freund in Chicago did at one time, but things may be different since Berlin Packaging bought them out.

Q: Is item ASC 7081140 available in gold what would the price change be. Can I order one for a sample.

A: Large slip cover cans could be run in gold. Minimums could exceed 5,000 cans. What quantity were you looking for?

Q: How many f-cans are in a case?

A: That would depend on which F-can you are indicating. If you go to the F Can spec page you will see a column that indicates pack. That is the case count for each size of the tinplate f-cans.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: What variety of custom work are you looking for? Printing? Manufacturing?

Q: Can you do printing on the outside of the silver slip cover can or can it be subcontracted?

A: Yes, printing is available.

Printing minimums for tinplate cans depend on the amount of tinplate sent to be lithographed.

With the amount of tinplate needed for a one gallon can that amount would be roughly 10,000 cans. The smaller the can the higher the minimum. Smaller cans have minimums as high as 25,000 to 50,000 for printing.





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