2 Gallon Pail Box for Shipping Plastic and Steel Pails

Looking for a box to ship a 2 gallon pail?  Our VCI28266 fits either our 2 gallon plastic pail with lid or our 2 gallon steel pail with lid.  There are several reasons for purchasing a stock box rather than ordering a custom box.  Among those reasons are:

  • Convenience
  • Lower cost than custom printing
  • Our low $250 minimum

The specifics of this box are as follows:

  • 275 lb. bursting test board
  • Kraft corrugated
  • Regular slotted container
  • C Flute

What does all that mean?  Well, bursting test is a measure of the force required to rupture or puncture the face of corrugated board.  This is reported in pounds.  So 275 lb. bursting test board would mean that it would take 275 lbs. of force to puncture this box.

Flute size refers to the number of flutes per linear foot.  C flute = 39 +/-3 flutes per linear foot or 5/32 thickness (in.)

A regular slotted container (RSC) is the most common box style.  All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge.  Typically the major flaps meet in the middle and the minor flaps do not.

Let us send a sample for testing with your product.


 2 Gallon Pail Box

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