2 Gallon Steel Pail for Driveway Sealers

Our black 2 gallon open head steel pail has a red phenolic lining.  This pail can be used for driveway sealers.  The lug cover, which is sold separately, also has a red phenolic lining.  This pail has a UN designation of UN1A2/Y1.6/60 making it suitable for Packing Groups II and III.  More information on UN ratings can be found in this article.

A partial list of applications for this pail includes the following:

  • chemicals
  • lubricants
  • coatings
  • solvents
  • adhesives
  • roofing mastics
  • driveway sealers
  • large bolts
  • hazardous materials
  • viscous products

2 Gallon Steel Pail

Lug cover


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Author: Gail

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