29 GA Open Head Black Steel Pail

Our 29 gauge open head black steel pail is an unlined double beaded nesting pail without a UN rating.  This is a light weight steel pail with a rust inhibitor and a wire handle with a plastic grip.  We have customers who use this pail for waste products and scrap materials.  Another cost saving option is to use a plastic pail liner along with the pail.  We have customers who use a pail liner in the steel pail to mix product and then throw the pail liner away allowing the steel pail to be used again and again.  More information on our pail liner can be found in this article.  Not all customers need a heavy duty steel pail and the advantage to using this pail is the cost savings.  If you need a cover, you can use this pail with a lug cover or with a dish cover and lever locking ring.  You can also purchase just the pail.  As always, not all products are compatible with all containers and since the responsibility of product compatibility lies with the end user we suggest you obtain a sample for testing with your product.



5 Gallon 29 GA Steel Pail

Pail Liner

Lug Cover

Dish Cover and Lever Locking Ring







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