5 Gallon Blue Steel Pail

 5 Gallon   Tight Head Rieke Opening Blue  Round  Steel   Pail

Steel Pail Notations

Our 5 gallon blue steel pail with a buff epoxy phenolic lining is a tight head pail with a Rieke opening. It has a hole covered with a dust cap. Pails are shipped empty, with the dust cap on, so they remain clean. The end user fills the pail and then crimps on a Rieke Flexspout (sold separately). A Rieke Flexspout is a retractable plastic pour spout which offers a reliable and tamper evident seal. When the spout is closed, it has a low profile for ease of stacking. The tamper evident cap has a pull tab for fast removal. Once the Flexspout is crimped on, and before the first use, the cap is pulled off the spout and cannot be reattached. To use the pail, simply pull up the spout, dispense your product and reclose. UN1A1/Y1.8/300

Capacity5 Gallon
Container Pail
Item #SPC0005CS4L001
List Price$ each
@ 24$ each
@ 36$ each
@ 72 $ each
@ 144 $ each
OpeningTight Head Rieke Opening
Exterior L
Exterior W
Exterior H13 11/16 Inch Outside Height
Qty per Case36
Interior L11 1/4 Inch Inside Diameter
Interior W
Interior H12 11/16 Inch Inside Height
Liner IC636 - Buff Epoxy-Phenolic
Buff Epoxy Phenolic - Buff Epoxy-Phenolic
UN RatingUN1A1/Y1.8/300
Style 20.5mm 24 GA


It is the responsibility of the customer to determine product compatibility with the packaging being purchased. In no case should performance ratings of packaging be construed to imply chemical compatibility.


Please call for pricing on our 5 Gallon Steel Pails. If you intend to order a quantity significantly greater than 36 of this item you may request an individual price quotation.


How your 5 Gallon Steel Pail order is shipped depends largely on the size of your order. For this reason shipping information relevant if you are ordering one case may not be relevant if you are ordering 10 cases of the same item.

Specifications for Steel Pails are nominal and may vary slightly from those shown here.

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