128 oz. / 1 gallon Natural Plastic Tub

 128 oz. / 1 gallon   Open Head Natural  Round  Plastic   Tub

Plastic Tub Notations

Capacity128 oz. / 1 gallon
Container Tub
Item #PPC02F12800
List Price$2.509 each
@ 2 Cases$2.228 each
@ 5 Cases$2.094 each
@ 10 Cases $1.944 each
OpeningOpen Head
Exterior L
Exterior WTop Diameter 6 8/16
Exterior H8 5/16 Without Lid
Qty per Case100
Interior L
Interior W
Interior H
UN Rating
Style 2


Please call for pricing on our 128 oz. / 1 gallon Plastic Tubs. If you intend to order a quantity significantly greater than 5 Cases of this item you may request an individual price quotation.


How your 128 oz. / 1 gallon Plastic Tub order is shipped depends largely on the size of your order. For this reason shipping information relevant if you are ordering one case may not be relevant if you are ordering 10 cases of the same item.

Specifications for Plastic Tubs are nominal and may vary slightly from those shown here.

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