1/1/08 Silver Tinplate Beta Cap

 1/1/08   1-1/8 Beta Silver  Round  Tinplate   Beta Cap

Tinplate Beta Cap Notations

Container Beta Cap
Item #VBC118-B-Cap-L015
List Price$0.08 each
@ $0.08 each
@ $0.08 each
Opening1-1/8 Beta
Exterior L
Exterior W
Exterior H
Qty per Case
Interior L
Interior W
Interior H
Liner Solvseal
UN Rating
Style 2Beta Cap


Pricing and other specifications for our 1/1/08 Tinplate Beta Caps are listed in the column on the left. If you intend to order a quantity significantly greater than of this item you may request an individual price quotation.


How your 1/1/08 Tinplate Beta Cap order is shipped depends largely on the size of your order. For this reason shipping information relevant if you are ordering one case may not be relevant if you are ordering 10 cases of the same item.

Specifications for Tinplate Beta Caps are nominal and may vary slightly from those shown here.

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