KUBES® UN4G Collapsible Plastic Bladder Within a Box

Our E-Tainer® Kubes are UN4G semi-rigid containers that feature a collapsible blend of linear low and low density polyethylene plastic bladders within a sturdy recyclable corrugated overpack.  Available in 5 liter, 10 liter and 20 litre sizes this combination packaging offers convenience with multiple sustainability benefits, including:

  • less plastic than standard tight-head containers
  • 100% recyclable corrugated box made from renewable materials

These Kubes are commonly used in the janitorial and sanitation, inks and coatings, microelectronics, industrial chemicals and flavorings industries.  These tough and durable Kubes are a combination package engineered for demanding applications.  Each Kube comes with a foam lined 38mm cap, handle and a dust cover.  Consider also our 38mm Quick Serve Spigot (sold separately) for ease of pouring.

In our local area, our Regional Water Authority uses these containers as emergency water containers as these assembled Kubes arrive ready for filling.  Add a 38mm spigot (if needed) and you are ready to go.

As always, it is the responsibility of the shipper to be sure his product is compatible with the container.  We would be pleased to send a sample for testing with your product.

5 Litre = Approximately 1.32086 U.S. Liquid Gallons

10 Litre = Approximately 2.64172 U.S. Liquid Gallons

20 Litre = Approximately 5.28344 U.S. Liquid Gallons

E-Tainer® Kubes

Quick Serve Spigot






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