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55 gallon closed top plastic drums and plastic barrels
55 gallon open top plastic drums and plastic barrels
30 gallon closed top plastic drums and plastic barrels
30 gallon open top plastic drums and plastic barrels
15 gallon closed top plastic drums and plastic barrels
5 gallon closed top plastic carboys and plastic jerricans
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55 Gallon Blue Delcon
Item Number: SPP55DNTHBL
UN/DOT: 1H1/Y1.9/150
High Density Polyethylene

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Item Specifications
Material:High Density Polyethylene
Stock Colors:Blue
FDA:Chemical and Food Grade Plastic
Construction:Blow Molded
Capacity:Rated 208 liters (55 gallons)
Diameter:594mm (23.4 inches)
Height:911mm (35.9 inches)
Tare Weight:10.0 kg (22.0 lbs)
Closure:Two 2 inch Buttress Plugs with 3/4 inch reducer
Closing Torque:39 N-m (25 ft. lbs.)
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Most asked question
I am looking for potable water storage containers and food storage containers. Can I use your plastic containers for storing water and food?

Yes, our plastic containers are made from food grade high density polyethylene resin and are suitable for applications which involve food and drink. The only exception is our black plastic containers. Black is generally considered to be a NON-approved color.

The following is basic information on some items we stock which are suitable for food and water storage.

Food Storage Containers

For bulk food storage of items such as grains and other dry foods we can offer the following.
  • Plastic Buckets
    Our plastic buckets range in size from 1 to 6.5 gallons. Our 5 gallon buckets offer the greatest selection of colors and cover choices.
  • Open Top Plastic Drums
    Our open top plastic drums are stocked in 30 and 55 gallons and are ideal for use as bulk food storage containers.

Water Storage Containers

For water storage we can offer the following.
  • 5 Gallon Plastic Carboys
    Our 5 gallon plastic carboys are perfect for use as water storage containers when keeping the container easily transportable or efficiently stored is desirable.
  • Closed Top Plastic Drums
    Our closed top plastic drums are stocked in 15, 30 and 55 gallons are suitable as large bulk water storage containers.

    Drum pumps and faucets are stocked for our closed head drums and plastic carboys.



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