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QUESTION #1131 How do you tell what size a cap for a gallon glass jug is? I need replacement caps for gallon glass ...?
ANSWER: The variety of cap you are looking for is known as a twist cap, while the other variety which threads on is called a screw cap. We do not carry twist caps.

QUESTION #1002 Need foil seal used to cap glss of mustard. If you have these please send me pricing for 20mm caps. ...?
ANSWER: We currently stock standard lined caps but could likely special order a case of foil lined caps for you. Special orders for (none stock items) typically require the purchase of the entire case which for the subject item would be around 9,200 caps. How many were you looking for?

QUESTION #999 Do you have an induction seal cap, 43-400, that has a foam liner that contacts the product once the ...?
ANSWER: Our induction seal caps are foil lined. But we could certainly look into this for you. How many are in looking for?

QUESTION #995 Do you have vented Teflon caps where the liquid in the bottle would only contact Teflon?
ANSWER: Properly sealed the material should not come into contact with anything but the Teflon liner. Perhaps your current liner is vented?

QUESTION #950 Do you have metal nozzle cone caps like ones used for mini oil cans?
ANSWER: We have carried them in the past and could likely assist you in finding some. How many are you looking for? For what size can/opening?

QUESTION #931 Do you carry a 53mm poly foam seal?
ANSWER: Yes, we a carry a 53mm plastic cap with a poly foam seal. Please select the link for more information.

QUESTION #884 looking for caps to put on beer bottles to turn them into salt and pepper shakers
ANSWER: We do not carry anything like this, though their might be some sort of a inserted plug type closure designed for this purpose. Try a cork and seal supplier they would either havessomething or be able to better direct you.

QUESTION #851 Hi, your part MRPRM120W024 120mm 400 cap. Does it have an internal thread ? If so, what spec please. ...?
ANSWER: The 400 portion of the description indicates the length of the internal thread. We could provide you with a sample to inspect.

QUESTION #807 Dear Sirs, We require an amber 4 liter bottle, with a vented cap. We will use this to store 30% ...?
ANSWER: We stock a 4 liter amber bottle with a standard phonolic cone cap. We would have to look into supplying them with a vented caps.

Specialty caps require a minimum purchase. How many were you looking to purchase?

QUESTION #461 Do you have Air sealed caps for the 1 gallon glass jars ?
ANSWER: Please elaborate on "air sealed caps". Do you mean a cap that has an internal sealing liner? A seperate wrapp around tamper evident seal?

QUESTION #100 Do you stock a cap for the 1 gal. glass jar?
ANSWER: Yes, we stock both metal and plastic caps for our 1 gallon glass jars. The cap size is 110mm. The thread on our 1 gallon glass jars are 110/400.

If you go to the gallon glass jar listing you will notice a link in the caps column that reads 110/400. Click that link for the item numbers and pricing for these caps.

QUESTION #90 Do you offer caps with different types of liners?
ANSWER: Yes. We stock pressure sensitive, induction seal, foil-lined, unlined, poly-lined, and teflon lined caps in a variety of sizes.

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