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QUESTION #2989 quesiton
ANSWER: answer

QUESTION #1459 Sawdust is a byproduct of our operation. We compress the sawdust to make "briquettes". We put the br ...?
ANSWER: We stock all fiber drums (no metal) that would seem suitable for this purpose. Any particular dimensions you are looking for?

QUESTION #899 how sturdy are your fiber drums
ANSWER: What do you intend to do with them?

While sturdy, fiber drums like any other packaging do have their limits and conditions under which the perform best. If we start with your intended use we can advise you of their suitability for that use.

QUESTION #898 Where can I find used fiber drums in the New Orleans, Louisiana area?
ANSWER: Do a local search for drum and barrel reconditioners.

QUESTION #874 Do you have a liner for the 14 gal. fiber drum?
ANSWER: What is the application? We have a 15 gallon that is weather resistant. We could also persue a couple of other options.
  1. We could supply the drum with heavy gauge bags
  2. The drums could be custom manufactured with a polyethylene liner

QUESTION #385 What is the range of dry-goods that you can ship in a fiber drum?
ANSWER: What range of dry-good are you thinking of packing into fiber drums?

QUESTION #350 Do you have specific equipment to clean fiber drums?
ANSWER: No, we deal only in new fiber drums. You would need to contact a drum reconditioner.

QUESTION #340 We use a 30-40 gal fiberboard drum for sandblasting grit and we fill smaller containers for resale. ...?
ANSWER: We do not carry a spigot like the one you describe. If I understand you problem correctly it sounds like you need some sort of plastic cover with the appropriately threaded top to install and spigot.

QUESTION #145 I wish to know if you have a method to separate the metal parts from the fiber parts? For recycling ...?
ANSWER: We do not have a product that would provide the solution for you; however, you might request the company that is sending you the material in these drums to consider using All-Fiber drums.

Explain that you are required to dismantle the drum in order to dispose of them properly. It may or may not be possible for them to pack in an all-fiber drum depending on the material being packed.

You might also consider trying to find a "drum reconditioner" in your area that would be willing to pick the drums up and resell them. This would likely be the best scenerio for you as you would not need to dispose of the drums and would infact be allowing the drums to be REUSED. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse :)





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