What are the un ratings

UN ratings are a system by which containers can be grouped by class and performance characteristics. They provide a standard so that certain regulated and hazardous materials are packed in suitable containers.

They do not dictate how a container is to be made only what general type a container is a what tests it must be capable of passing.

As and example consider the following UN rating.

The break down is as follows.
UN = United Nations (international standard)
1H1 = Indicates the container is a plastic drum.
Y1.8 = Suitable for packing group II products up to 1.8 g/cm3
150 = pressure test in kPa
05 = Year of production
Mauser = Manufacturer
824 = Registration Number

You are also likely to see abbreviated forms of the UN ratings such as the following.
1H2 = Plastic open head container (pail)
Y25 = Suitable for packing group II or III products
S = Regulated material must be a solid, not liquid.

Testing is based on the maximum performance rating for the container. For example, the plastic pail rating above indicates that the "regulated mateterial" must be a solid. This is relevant hazardous materials and does not mean that the container is not an adequate vessel for non-hazardous liquids.

Also of importance is the chemical compatibility of material being packed. UN ratings indicate peformance tests only they DO NOT indicate chemical compatibility.

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