how many ounces in 1 gallon

There are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon.

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QUESTION #1032 I need a platic bottle that has a shutoff valve to hang upside down. Need to be able to open and clo ...?
ANSWER: We stock a 38mm Spigot that can be applied to plastic bottles and jugs with 38mm openings. Typically gallon plastic jugs have a 38mm opening.

QUESTION #1015 I am looking for a 16 oz bottle that can withstand 200 degrees we are a juice manu
ANSWER: None of the plastic bottles we stock can withstand temperatures that high.

QUESTION #1000 how many ounces are there in a litre
ANSWER: Approximately 33.5 oz per litre

QUESTION #973 Bottles suibable for medical purposes
ANSWER: What medical purpose are we trying to suit?

QUESTION #902 Do you have a jar or bottle that is gallon sized without the wide mouth and just a standard size ope ...?
ANSWER: I think our 1 gallon glass jugs would be as close as we could come to what you are describing.

In plastic please see our 1 gallon plastic jugs.

QUESTION #358 Who makes the caps?
ANSWER: Their are a variety of cap manufactures that supply the caps. What variety of cap are you indicating an interest in?

QUESTION #328 Do plastic bottles come with lids?
ANSWER: While we do carry caps / lids for our plastic bottles they are priced and sold as a seperate item. The reason being that there are a variety of cap choices for each bottle.

QUESTION #282 how many ounces in 1 gallon
ANSWER: There are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon.

QUESTION #262 You guys ever stock or make F-Style gallon jugs in blue? Also for your gallon and 2.5 gallon plasti ...?
ANSWER: Yes, we have a light blue 2.5 gallon that is part of our regular stock. Other pails can be purchased in light blue at quantity, with longer lead times.

No, we do not currently stock a blue F-style gallon jug.

QUESTION #238 Am looking for a 12 or 16oz white HDPE boston round. Got any or can get some? Thanks!
ANSWER: We don't stock these, but we can get them depending on the quantity you are looking for.

QUESTION #176 Looking for a 3.25 inch diameter plastic cylinder needs to be about 24 inches long? Thank You,Marcel ...?
ANSWER: We do not stock anything that fits this description. If a cylinder is all you need perhaps you can visit your local Home Depot and look for a length of PVC pipe in this diameter.

QUESTION #41 Are the caps included with the bottles and jars?
ANSWER: No - Caps are a separate item as there are a variety of cap choices for most items.





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