500cc = how many oz.?

There are approximately 30cc to 1 fluid ounce.

In general terms a 500cc container is equivalent to 16 fluid ounces or one pint.

You may find our conversion chart helpfull.

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QUESTION #1424 Are your clear glass jugs or jars tempered glass and/or are they freezer safe?
ANSWER: All the glass bottles and jars we sell at this time are common Type III(soda lime) glass. They are not tempered and will NOT function the same as Pyrex(freezer to oven).

Soda-lime glass is primarily used for bottles, jars, drinking glasses, and window glass. Its only real limitation is its inability to handle sudden thermal changes or high temperatures.

Conversely, borosilicate glass is used for cooking plates and other heat-resistant products. It is used for kitchens products and chemistry laboratories because it has greater resistance to heat and thermal shock.

QUESTION #1012 do you have lids that fit the 1 gallon glass jugs?
ANSWER: Yes, assuming you are talking about the gallon glass jugs we stock. Otherwise we would need to know the neck finish of the jar.

QUESTION #998 I need 1/2 gallon dark amber jars (2)Do you sell?
ANSWER: The closest we could come from standing inventory is our 1250cc Amber Glass jars; however, they are short of a half gallon by about 20oz.

How many jars are you looing for? Perhaps we could special order are 1/2 gallon amber jar for you.

QUESTION #942 Are your glass jugs freezer-proof?
ANSWER: No, our jugs (and glass in general) is not freezer proof. That said much depends on the expansion of your material when frozen. Water for example expands considerably when frozen. This expansion could easily build enough pressure to shatter the glass.

QUESTION #933 Sir I intend to use your 1 gallon jars to preserve pickled walnuts. Do you sell a cap which is safe ...?
ANSWER: Our lined polypropylene caps will withstand salt and vinegar.

QUESTION #892 Could I please have a sample sent to me of the 2 oz. square glass jar flint/clear and all the cap ch ...?
ANSWER: Certainly; however, it might be more usefull if we narrowed the field of cap options based on your anticipated need.

QUESTION #772 I would like to order a sample case of your OBA13047F720 bottles. Is there anyway to get a sample ca ...?
ANSWER: Samples are typically defined as one or two of the subject item for purposes of evaluation. A case would be defined as an order and would be subject to regular order minimums.

QUESTION #702 My Company I represent is re-doing their entire organic stock of herbs and spices. My question is,Do ...?
ANSWER: We currently do not stock straight sided amber glass jars, but that doesn't mean that we would be unable to assist you in locating some.

How many are you looking to purchase?

QUESTION #650 Where would I get lids for your 16 and 9 oz. straight sided jars? Preferably in silver.
ANSWER: We stock metal caps in white and for some sizes gold. Depending on the quantity you needed we may be able to special order you caps more to your liking. What quantity were you looking for?

QUESTION #648 Hi, Do you have 16 oz. or 32 oz. boston round cobalt blue glass bottles?
ANSWER: Sorry we do not stock anything in colbalt blue. We do stock the size and styles you indicated in clear and amber. Please see our glass bottles page for more information.

QUESTION #519 what size cap do I need for a half gallon glass jug?
ANSWER: Our half gallon glass jugs require a 38mm cap. That does not gaurantee that the jug you have is the same.

QUESTION #458 can I buy l - one gallon glass jar with wife mouth and lid?
ANSWER: We have a $100 minumum; however, your local super market may carry them.

QUESTION #348 500cc = how many oz.?
ANSWER: There are approximately 30cc to 1 fluid ounce.

In general terms a 500cc container is equivalent to 16 fluid ounces or one pint.

You may find our conversion chart helpfull.

QUESTION #320 1 1/2 ounce flint with gold cap ,I need 2000 bottles
ANSWER: We carry a 1oz flint glass bottle and a 2oz flint glass bottle. We do not currently stock a 1.5 oz in glass.

Gold caps could likely be provided but are not stock and would require a longer lead time.





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