Which of your plastic drums are capable of storing gasoline?

None. We recommend steel for gasoline.

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QUESTION #1467 What is the wall thickness of your 15 gallon plastic drum? I need to calculate whether it can toler ...?
ANSWER: These are shipping containers, not pressure vessels. They are not designed for use with a constant working pressure. Perhaps you could describe in greater detail what you are trying to accomplish?

QUESTION #1377 Do the 30 gl drumes have removable tops.
ANSWER: We stock both the Closed Top and Open Top. The open top drums have the removable tops you describe.

The following is the product page for the 30 gallon OH drum

QUESTION #1121 would 4 30 gal drums work for a 10 ft by 10 ft floating dock?
ANSWER: I would not know the first thing about engineering a dock but I can tell you that those who purchase drums for this purpose seem to have an interest in the 30 gallon drums.

QUESTION #1016 Which of your plastic drums are capable of storing diesel fuel?
ANSWER: Diesel is probably OK in a any of our plastic drums, but I would prefer steel for long term storage. Use lined steel, as water is often present with diesel.

QUESTION #959 I want a 30-gal closed lid drum to fill with water and use it as a toy for my horse. You say there ...?
ANSWER: I believe the warning you are alluding to regarding static charge was related to storage of gasoline in confined spaces where vapors could build up. In the context of an explosive material one should always err on the side of caution. Most plastics generate a small static charge.

I don't see how that would be a problem for you.

QUESTION #909 The barrel rides better in an upright position. It would roll if Lay it down also I want my wife to ...?
ANSWER: Understood, in that case you would want to visit your local hardware store and explain what you are doing. They might even have a kit that provides the spigot and gaskets you would need, probably intended for some other application but it should work for what you are trying to accomplish.

Another out of the box solution might be to simply purchase a drum pump.

QUESTION #908 I have a 30 gallon plastic barrel with two openings on the top: 1 is about 3 inches and the other ab ...?
ANSWER: There are spigots that thread directly into the openings you describe. Is there a reason you can not simply use those opening and turn the drum on it's side as is typical when using these spigots.

QUESTION #893 Are the plastic drums suitable for floating docks?
ANSWER: Yes you can use closed top plastic drums for floating docks.

QUESTION #848 Do you have 30 or 55 gal drums with spigots for emergency water storage near a residence?
ANSWER: Yes. we reommend our blue 30 and 55 gallon closed top drums with spigots or drums pumps for this application.

QUESTION #815 Do the open head barrels have an airtight seal? Is there a Gasket between the head and barrel?
ANSWER: Yes they are air tight and do have a heavy gasket in the cover.

QUESTION #810 please tell me if there is a 5 gallon carboy with large screw lid almost as wide as the container th ...?
ANSWER: We stock nothing like this. Further searching for "carboys + air frieght" might yield results. Alternately you can find a HAZMAT supply company.

ANSWER: Yes, we stock them both loose and in certified reshipper cartons.

QUESTION #760 Is it possible to get the SPP055C400UL1 plastic drum in orange or burnt orange or something close to ...?
ANSWER: This might be possible at large quantity. How many are you looking for?

QUESTION #750 How many pounds can we stack on a full, plastic, closed 55 gallon drum? How many pounds can we stac ...?
ANSWER: The typical rule of thumb is three high in a static warehousing condition; however, much depends on the drum, the material in the drum (both specific gravity and hazard potential), ambient temperature etc.

QUESTION #687 Which of your plastic drums are capable of storing gasoline?
ANSWER: None. We recommend steel for gasoline.





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