I need boxes and dividers to hold glass canning jars (1/2 pint through quart size).

We would need samples of your jars to accurately determine dimensions.



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QUESTION #1428 Do you supply corrugated boxes made from recovered fiber and post consumer fiber between 25% and 50% ...?
ANSWER: Our box liners (the innner and outter faces of the fiber board) are 40% recycled or post consumer fiber. While the inner medium (that part between the the outter and inner face is not).

The true yield of post consumer or recycled fiber board is likely more in the neighborhood of 20 to 25%. But that would be a rather vague guess. Exact numbers could be established with more information.

QUESTION #1120 numerical size of box vs. actual size
ANSWER: I think what you may be driving at is the exterior vs. interior dimensions.

QUESTION #978 I am looking for a cardboard sheet that is two inches thick, approximately. Do yo carry something l ...?
ANSWER: That sounds like something that would be outside of what we do and I can't say that I know of anyone who would do something like this. I have seen pallets constructed of corrugated carboard where the components are punched out of thick board, but even these are individual thinner sheets glued together.

If it is possible it would be in such a fashion.

Another possibility would be honeycell.

Knowing what you are trying to accomplish would help in answering your question.

QUESTION #960 Can you make and deliver to CT a custom double wall box 55"(H)x33"(W)x30"(L) and 55"(H)x39.25"(W)x47 ...?
ANSWER: Certainly. Please submit your details including your contact information to our custom box request form and we will put something together for you.

QUESTION #907 Can you make custom size sheets of cardboard? I need cardboard sheets that are 96"X34.5"
ANSWER: Yes, custom sheets of corrugated can be manufactured to those dimensions.

Where are located?
What quantity would you require?

QUESTION #847 I am looking for a small box about a 3" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" with slot deviders can you do anything lik ...?
ANSWER: They could run as a die cut(customer pays for cutting die). How many are you looking for? What is the application?

ANSWER: Yes we do. They are indicated on our site as Double Wall. To locate prices for individual stock boxes click any of the linked item numbers on the following page. - stock boxes list

QUESTION #840 I need boxes and dividers to hold glass canning jars (1/2 pint through quart size).
ANSWER: We would need samples of your jars to accurately determine dimensions.

QUESTION #836 I am looking for a supplier on a corrugated cardboard divider that can be reusable. The divider need ...?
ANSWER: We could make them. What quantity do you feel you will need?

QUESTION #823 We need 16"x11"x2" open top box.
ANSWER: Please indicate quantity and application for box queries This allows us to determine if you are in a range that would make a customized box a better solution for you or if you will be confined to off the shelf solutions.

In either case we are far more able to answer your question intelligently with these critical bits of information.

QUESTION #771 I need a 4G carton 8x6x4 to send limited quantity (30 grams) of Class 3 and/or combustible samples ( ...?
ANSWER: We would have to have a package tested and certified. How many boxes do you need? What sort of bottles are you using? Where are you located? You might be be better off buying something off the shelf from someone like Labelmaster, but you can certainly call us to discuss it if you wish to. Tell the front office that Brian told you to ask for Bill Mason to discuss your need.

QUESTION #721 How big is a 4G cardboard box
ANSWER: 4G is a UN/DOT designation relating to combination packaging and has nothing to do with the size of the container or it's dimension.

If someone has indicated to you that you need a 4G box what they are indicating is that the material you are packing requires a combination package to be shipped.

I strongly encourage you to do a little research on the regulations surrounding the material you wish to ship.

Penalties for improperly packaged or labeled regulated materials are severe.

QUESTION #514 Do you have in stock 4GY45 boxes?
ANSWER: Our current stock goes as high as 4G/Y32/S. That does not exclude the possibility of having one designed to your specifications. How many were you looking for? What are you packing?





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