38 400 Child Resistant Cap

We stock one 38 400 child resistant cap.  This cap is also commonly referred to as a saf or safe cap.  It is made from white polypropylene and is a matte ribbed cap with an F217 (foam) liner.  What makes this cap child resistant is the fact that in order to open the cap you must push down on the cap and then turn it.  The 38 400 opening is the opening on all of our 1 gallon jugs (both plastic and glass) and also on our 1/2 gallon jugs (plastic and glass).

More information of foam lined caps can be found in this article.

Looking for a different closure for your gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs?  You can find more 38 400 closures on this page.





38400 Child Resistant Cap



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Author: Gail

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