5 Gallon UN Plastic Tight Head Drums

Our 5 gallon UN rated plastic tight head drums are available in round or rectangular styles.  Our round containers are available in natural and blue.  Our rectangular containers are available in natural and black.  The containers are food grade, with the exception of the black containers.  The round tight heads have a UN designation of UN1H1/Y1.8/100 and the rectangular tight heads are rated UN3H1/Y1.8/100.  Although they are rated for hazardous products in the Packing Group II category, these containers are commonly used for non hazardous product.  Common uses include janitorial products, maple syrup and window cleaning products.  The black container, although not food grade, is an excellent choice to store or ship products that are light sensitive.  The center of the 70mm caps, which are sold separately, can be knocked out and, if needed, a 3/4″ faucet can be threaded into the cap.  The faucet is listed below.

5 Gallon Natural Round Tight Head

5 Gallon Blue Round Tight Head

5 Gallon Natural Rectangular Tight Head

5 Gallon Black Rectangular Tight Head

3/4″ Faucet











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