Caps for Gallon and Half Gallon Jugs

38mm caps  (approximately 1.5 inches) are caps that commonly fit gallon and half gallon jugs.  We stock 38mm caps in both plastic and metal with several different lining choices listed below.

All cap choices may be found on this page.


Plastic Choices

  • Quick Serve Spigot
  • Spouted Cap with a Red Tip
  • Black Phenolic Cap with a Low Density Cone
  • White Cap with Foam Liner
  • White Cap with Foam and Pressure Sensitive Liner
  • Child Resistant Saf-Cap with Foam Liner
  • Black Cap with Foam liner
  • White Cap with Pulp & Aluminium Foil Liner
  • White Induction Seal Cap


Metal Choices

  • Plastisol Liner
  • Pulp & Poly Liner















Plastic Caps




Metal Caps







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