5 Gallon Black Steel UN Rated Composite Pail with Flexspout for Corrosive Liquids

Our CSCP2-11-01 is a 5 gallon black steel pail with a plastic insert.  It is a UN rated composite pail with a flexspout, and is commonly used for corrosive liquids.  It has a UN rating of UN6HA1/Y1.8/100 making it suitable for hazardous product in the Packing Group II and III categories.  This pail is shipped with a dust cap on the opening to keep the pail clean.  After the pail is filled with product, a flexspout (sold separately), must be crimped on with a flexspout crimping tool (also sold separately).  As the flexspout is crimped to the pail, it seals both the spout and the liner to the pail, and the relief hole (shown in the picture below) allows any air between the pail and liner to be forced out as the pail is filled.  Corrosive liquids commonly do not do well in unlined pails or pails with baked on linings.  This pail solves that problem by combining a plastic insert in a strong steel overpack (pail).  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.

5 Gallon Steel Composite Pail


Flexspout Crimping Tool




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