Steel Drums – 55 Gallon – Closed Top

Our 55 gallon closed top steel drums are available unlined or with three different linings.  Our MSD5-20-01 is an unlined drum with one 2″ steel plug and one 3/4″ steel plug.  These plugs, or bungs, are Trisure steel plugs with irradiated PE gaskets.  Our MSD5-21-01 drum also has one 2″ plug and one 3/4″ Trisure steel plug with irradiated PE gaskets, however this drum has an .8 MIL buff epoxy phenolic lining.  Our MSD5-22-01 drum has the same 2″ and 3/4″ plugs and this drum has a .8 mil 2 coat olive drab phenolic lining.  Finally our SPP55DPBKW1823 is a 55 gallon composite steel drum with a high density polyethylene blow molded container inside. This drum has two 2″ buttress plugs.  All four of our steel drums are UN rated with an X rating making them suitable for hazardous products in the Packing Group I, II or III categories and, of course, they may be used for non-hazardous products also.  By clicking on the highlighted item numbers above, you can find articles with more information on the drums and/or the linings in the drums.  As always, compatibility of the product being shipped with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.





55 Gallon Unlined Drum

55 Gallon Lined Drums

55 Gallon Composite Drum



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