Glass Jars

Amber Glass CC Jars

Amber Glass CC  jars are often referred to as wide mouth packers. They are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The amber color helps to keep out damaging UV rays.

AC Rounds

AC Round glass jars are similar in style to olive jars in that they are significantly taller then they are wide. What we refer to as AC round are smaller than olive jars.

Straight Sided

Straight sided glass jars maintain a similar diameter from top to bottom. It is important to note that they do have a slight taper at the shoulder and are not completely vertically flush.


French square glass jars or powder squares are tall slender jars with an appealing square shape.

Standard / Utility Jars

Standard round glass jars or utility jars are containers that are used for a wide variety of purposes.


Glass mayo jars have an evenly slanted shoulder and wide bottom.


Our glass pickle  jars are slender with a slightly reduced opening.