Plastic Drums

Open Head Drums

Open head plastic drums have removable covers. By cover we mean the entire head or top portion of the drum. Some cover styles come fitted with screw plugs in the covers, while others are simply a plain solid cover. With both styles, the drum head is secured to the drum body by either a lever lock ring or a bolt ring.




Closed Top Drums

Closed top plastic drums have fixed tops or heads and can only be accessed via screw plugs or bungs in the drum, in contrast to open top drums where the entire top of the drum can be removed.

We Sell A Pump That Fits 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Tight Head Drums



5 Gallon Drums

Our closed top 5 gallon plastic drums are sturdy shipping containers intended for liquids. They are very rugged and secure.


Closures for 5 Gallon Drums


Wrench to Fit 2″ Buttress Plugs in Delex Containers