Plastic Drums with Lids and Locking Rings

Our 30 gallon plastic drum and our 55 gallon plastic drum both have removable covers that are held to the drum body with a locking ring.  These drums are made from high density polyethylene and are FDA approved making them suitable for food products.  They both also have a UN designation making them suitable for hazardous solids in the Packing Group II and III categories.  Our 30 gallon drum has a UN rating of UN1H2/Y180/S and our 55 gallon drum has a UN rating of UN1H2/Y250/S.  Both drums are blue and have natural colored lids.  The lid to our 30 gallon drum is solid with no bungs, however, we do have a lid with bungs (when available) for $1.00 more.  The lid to our 55 gallon drum has 2 bungs – one 2″ NPS (fine thread) plug and one 3/4″ NPS plug.  We have sold these drums to various industries such as the optical fiber industry, water barrels, metal finishing, farms, laboratories, wine and more.  As always, the compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.




30 Gallon

55 Gallon





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