Rieke® FlexSpout Crimping Tools

Several of our steel pails are tight head, or closed head, pails with a Rieke opening.  A list of these pails can be found below.  The closing instructions for these pails can be found on our packing lists and our invoices.  Those instructions read as follows:    49CFR 178.2 (c) Notification Use Rieke Flexspout Closure  Crimp with Rieke Crimping Tool   Check Crimp with Gage#G101-1. More detailed instructions can be found below:

  • Place the container securely on a flat surface
  • Place the Rieke FlexSpout in the opening at the top of the pail
  • Use the Rieke Hand Crimping Tool (FS-600) to seal the FlexSpout to the opening
  • Place the Rieke Hand Crimping Tool evenly over the fitting at the top of the container
  • In the resting position, the handles of the tool should be at approximately a 45 degree angle to the top of the container
  • Grip both handles with each hand and apply an even downward movement until the handles are in a position parallel with the top of the container
  • It is important that the tool is resting evenly on the fitting when applying the crimp.  A “cocking” or tilting of the tool will result in an improper seal and will cause leakage or contamination of the container’s contents.
  • A Rieke Gage (G101-1) can be used to check the crimp of the fitting to the pail.  If a proper crimp was made, the gage should pass freely over the fitting

Rieke FlexSpout Crimping Tool

Please Note: The Rieke Flexspout crimping tool is sold separately.

Rieke Spout (Needed for Pails w/Rieke Openings)

Please Note: Rieke Spouts are sold separately for tight head pails with rieke openings

Tight Head Steel Pails with Rieke Openings

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