Tight Head Steel Pails – Lined, Unlined and Composite

Our tight head steel pails are available with Rieke openings, with a screw cap and spout or with plugs (bungs).  The pails with Rieke openings have a hole that is covered with a dust cap to keep dirt out.  A Rieke flexspout is required to be crimped onto the pail once it is filled with product.  More information on Rieke Flexspouts may be found in this article.  We also have one steel pail with a 2 1/8″ screwcap and spout.  More detailed information on this pail can be found in this article.  Our third style of pail has bungs, or plugs, that are included with the pail.  We stock one pail with a 2″ bung and two pails with both a 2″ and a 3/4″ bung.  There is also a brief description to the right of each pail with more details.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.

Tight Head Steel Pails with Rieke Opening

Composite Pail with Rieke Opening

More information on our composite pail can be found here.

Rieke Flexspout

Flexspout Crimping Tool

Steel Pail with Screw Cap and Spout

Steel Pails with Plugs

Rieke Combo Wrench




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