Fluorinated Bottles/Jugs

What is a fluorinated bottle or jug?  It is simply a container that had a fluorination treatment during the normal blow molding process.  This type of fluorination is called in-line fluorination.  Fluorination is a barrier treatment that helps to make the container surface resistant to deterioration from chemicals.  Another benefit of fluorination is that it can help stop permeation.  Permeation can cause some active ingredients of the product to pass through the container and evaporate.  When permeation happens, your product may deteriorate leading to shorter shelf life and for this reason the types of products that are stored in fluorinated containers include insecticides, herbicides, penetrating oils, automotive additives and herbicides.  We carry gallon (128 oz), 1/2 gallon (64 oz), quart (32 oz) and pint (16 oz) white  handled fluorinated jugs.

Fluorinated Jugs



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