Slip Cover/Ink Cans for Industrial Wax, Chemical Products and More

3 lb. slip cover can, metal can with slide on lid, gift tins, cookie tins

We stock slip cover cans manufactured by Allstate Can that can be used for industrial wax, chemical products and more.  The smallest can we carry is a 4 oz can  ASC4OZSC420 which measures 2.5″ exterior width and 1 3/4″ exterior height.  The largest can we carry is our ASC7081140 which measures 7 8/16″ exterior width and 11″ exterior height.  Our slip cover cans are plain and are mostly used in commercial applications.  The manufacturer states that slip cover may be used in the following applications:

  • auto body filler
  • candles
  • coffee
  • confections
  • cookies
  • cosmetics
  • dry mixes
  • industrial wax
  • ink
  • petroleum products
  • chemical products
  • nuts
  • snack food
  • tea
  • wax

We would be happy to send a sample for you to test for product compatibility.  These cans may be used with dry food products, providing the product does not react with the tinplate.  As an example, for a product such as salted nuts, we suggest using a liner such as a plastic bag.


Slip Cover Cans


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