Plastic Pails

We stock threaded screw top, twist and lock, heavy duty and easy open plastic pails and plastic buckets. Stock size range from 1 to 6.5 gallons.

All colors except black are virgin polyethylene and are food grade. We have listed our food grade plastic tubs at the bottom should plastic food containers also be of interest to you. Plastic tubs and deli cups are specifically for foodstuffs and are lighter weight containers.

Our 2.5 gallon plastic ice cream pails are very popular with ice cream shops.

Printed Plastic Pails

Printed pails can be special ordered.

Need a tool to help remove the lids – consider this tool – sold separately

Need a pump?  This pump fits on the heavy duty pail covers with Rieke Spouts

All lids for plastic pails are sold separately. 

Twist and Lock – Lid sold separately

PCI40CLLWHNT lid fits both 3.5 and 5 gallon twist & lock pails.


Twist and Lock plastic pails are similar to threaded screw top pails but are engineered differently to  require only a moderate twist to  engage locking tabs that hold the cover in place.

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Easy Open / Light Duty Pails – Lid sold separately


Easy open plastic pails have more pliable lighter covers that allow the lids to be removed easier. By way of contrast,  most heavy duty plastic pails have rugged construction and covers that are focused more on security in transit.  Easy open plastic pails, while still providing an adequate closure, are focused more on ease of opening and closing on the consumer end.

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Ice Cream Buckets – Lid sold separately


Our ice cream pails; so named because they are often used by ice cream shops, are similar to easy open pails but in a 2.5 gallon size.

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Heavy Duty NON-UN 5 Gallon Colored Pails

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Heavy Duty Pails – Lid sold separately


Heavy duty plastic pails are rugged shipping containers. Some colors are stock, while others require a minimum purchase quantity to run. Please contact us if you have questions about minimums for a particular color or custom colored plastic pail.

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1 Gallon Heavy Duty

2 Gallon Heavy Duty

3.5 Gallon – 6.5 Gallon Heavy Duty

Solid Covers

Spouted Covers

5 Gallon UN Liquid Pail – Lid sold separately

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Our 5 gallon UN Liquid Pails can be used for Packing Group II and Packing Group III (Y).  Covers that are available are both a solid cover and a cover with a flexspout installed.

UN Rated liquid pails spouted and plain cover


Tight Head Plastic Pails

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These heavy duty shipping containers are intended for liquid and offer performance and security characteristics that are not possible with typical open top containers.

Either container can be fitted with a flo-right faucet for controlled dispensing. Note that the blue container takes a screw plug (threads on the inside of container) while the round natural container takes a screw cap (threads on the outside of the container). Both have the appropriate 3/4 ” center thread for the faucet.

Plastic Food Tubs – Lid sold separately

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Plastic food tubs are perfect for foodstuffs and other applications where a lighter weight container is more appropriate. Also check out our easy open plastic pails and ice cream pails if a lighter weight food container is what you are looking for.

Plastic Tubs – Lids sold separately

Covers for Plastic Tubs

Vapor Lock Containers – Lids sold separately

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9 Oz

18 Oz

37 Oz

135 Oz – Note only black lid available for 135 Oz