Industrial Chemical Jugs – 5 Gallon

carboys, jerricans, 5 gallon drum, tighthead pails.

One of the most popular chemical jugs we stock is our 5 gallon UN rated jug.  This jug is available in blue, black (not food grade) or natural.  This jug is made from high density polyethylene, has an integral handle, and formerly may have been referred to as Nampac jugs or Delex jugs.  Blow molded, with an interlocking design, this jug is easily stacked to save on storage space.  It has a UN designation of UN3H1/Y1.9/150 (if vented, the UN rating is UN3H1/Y1.4/100).  To clarify, the UN = United Nations, the 3 = Jerrican, the H = plastic, the 1 = Tight Head, the Y = Packing Group II, the 1.9 = the maximum specific gravity the container has been tested to hold and the 150 = the maximum hydrostatic pressure the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes.  The 2″ buttress plug supplied with the jug has an EPDM gasket and a 3/4″ center reducer.  The center reducer can be taken out and our 3/4″ faucet (listed below) can be threaded into the plug.  Also listed below is our 2″ yellow vent plug.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.

Chemical Jugs

3/4″ Faucet

2 x 3/4″ Combo Wrench

2″ EPDM Yellow Buttress Vent Plug – Coarse Thread



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