Fiber Drums – A Description of Various Styles

Fiber drums are available in different styles such as All Fiber, Lok-Rim, Weatherpak and LiquidpakAll Fiber drums are popular as they are the least expensive of the fiber drums and are completely recyclable as they contain no metal.  The covers for all fiber drums are a canister style or slip top cover.  They slip onto the drum and must be held in place with tape.  Our all fiber drums are divided into 3 styles – Standard All Fiber, All Fiber Transport and Rocon (Square).  Leverpak drums have a metal lever-locking ring that secures the drum lid to the body of the drum as shown in the picture to the right.  Lids for the leverpak fiber drums are available in fiber, steel and plastic.  Weatherpak drums are fiber drums that have an external coating to help withstand weather conditions.  They are impregnated with a water resistant adhesive.  We stock one weatherpak drum and it is our 15 gallon fiber drum which also has a 5 MIL PE lining.  We do not stock Liquidpak drums, however they are available and we would be happy to obtain a quote for you.  Liquidpak drums are used to transport liquid and semi-liquid products.  Our product list of fiber drums can be found on this page.  As always, compatibility of the product being shipped with the drum is the responsibility of the shipper.



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