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Links are important to us

In the world of search inbound links are very important. A website with a large number of quality links from companies such as yours has an advantage because such websites tend to be “trusted. This trust translates into higher ranking points for everything that website publishes and gets good information into hands of people that are searching for it, instead of spam.

.gov and .edu Domains

Did you know that Google gives high marks to companies with links from esteemed organizations such as these? It’s true. Principally, this is because domains with a .gov or .edu are considered “trusted”. In Google’s view, if such an organization is willing to link to you then you too can be considered “trusted”.

We hope in our interactions with you we have earned your trust and confidence so that you might be willing to help us to gain a link from your organization to

We understand that this will require some effort on your part and perhaps even an email or two to accomplish, so we understand if what we ask is not possible; however, if there is anything you can do to assist in this regard we would greatly appreciate the effort and consideration.

How linking to us may improve YOUR Search Engine ranking

Having a few outbound links to trusted sites like Yankee Containers may actually provide a modest boost to your sites trust level and increase your sites overall rankings.