Plastic Jars

We stock plastic jars in polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene. Both blow molded and injection molded varieties are stocked.

Clear Rounds

Clear rounds are clear plastic jars. It is important to distinguish them from their polystyrene counter parts which can be found in a variety of styles. Food product such as peanut butter often come packed in this variety of container.

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Space Saver Oblong

Space saver jars are rectangular or oblong. This allows for far more efficient packaging than a typical round container.

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Standard Round or cc Round Polyethylene

Standard rounds or cc round jars have openings that, while reasonably large, are typically not meant to be reached into. The contents are instead poured or shaken out of the jar.  Vitamins, pills, tablets and other items are often sold in standard round jars.

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Wide Mouth Polyethylene

widemouth jars
Wide mouth jars, as the name implies, have wide openings. These HDPE (high density polyethylene) jars are useful for a wide variety of purposes. Nutritional powders and similar products often come packed is containers of this variety.

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Regular Wall Polypropylene

regular wall plastic jars
Regular wall plastic jars have standard side walls that do not extend to the edge of the lip on the jar. They are durable and relatively inexpensive compared to their thickwall counterparts.

The items shown below are stock and can be ordered in quantities as small as a single case. Colors require a minimum purchase. Often it can be helpful to locate the jar (dimensions etc) you want and then request the minimums on ordering a particular color for that specific item.

White Polypro Jars

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Clarified Polypropylene

regularwall_clarified copy

Clarified polypropylene is clearer than what used to be referred to as “natural” ; however they are still not perfectly clear. Natural (unpigmented) polypropylene tends to be rather cloudy and translucent. Clarified is a “less cloudy” version of natural plastic jars.

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Clear Polystyrene Jars


These jars are made of polystyrene and are clear like glass.

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Thick Wall Polypropylene and Polystyrene

Thick wall plastic jars have significantly thicker side walls that extend outward to be vertically flush with the cap. They are aesthetically pleasing, making them a perfect cosmetics jar. The thicker side wall can also be an asset when heavier construction might be required.

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