15 Gallon Steel Drums – Open Head and Tight Head

We stock both an open head 15 gallon steel drum and a tight head 15 gallon steel drum.  Both drums are unlined and have a black body with a white top.  The open head drum has a lever lock ring that secures the lid to the drum body.  The tight head drum,  shown in the picture to the right, has one 2″ plug and one 3/4″ trisure steel plug with polyethylene gaskets.  The top to this drum cannot be removed.  Our open head drum has a UN solids rating of UN1A2/Y125/S and our tight head drum has a UN liquids rating of UN1A1/Y1.5/300.  We sell a combo wrench (listed below) that can be used on the bungs in tight head drum.  If you are in need of a pump, we also sell two different pumps that can be found on this page.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.



15 Gallon Open Head Steel Drum

15 Gallon Tight Head Steel Drum

Combo Wrench



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