Green (Olive Drab) Phenolic Lined Steel Pails (Drums)

Green phenolic linings are unmodified phenolics and have a high degree of acid and solvent resistance.  This lining is not recommended for alkaline products.  The manufacturer advises that typical products that do not affect the lining are:

  • acid compounds
  • agricultural chemicals
  • insecticides
  • corrosive chemicals
  • solvents
  • food products
  • essential oils
  • petroleum products

We have included some information on baked on steel pail linings on this page.

We would be happy to send a sample, at your request, for testing.  We strongly recommend that you test the lining to determine compatibility with your product.  Not all products are compatible with this type of lining.


 1.5 Gallon Steel Pail (Drum)


7 Gallon Steel Pail (Drum


55 Gallon Steel Drum



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