Combination Drum Plug Wrench 2″ and 3/4″

bung wrench, plug wrench for drums

Our  2″ and 3/4″ combination drum plug wrench is a prong and socket type wrench.  It fits 3/4″ (20m) and 2″ (50mm) steel and plastic plugs.  This type of wrench may be used on steel drums, plastic drums, and steel pails.  This solidly built cast iron wrench has a long pipe handle which allows for excellent leverage.

Please scroll down below the pictures of the wrench, and you will see examples of items Yankee Containers currently stocks for which this type of wrench may be used.


Combination Drum Plug Wrench

Examples of items for which this type of wrench is useful are shown below.




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Author: Gail

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