Fluorinated Containers for Products Containing Citrus Oils

Many products on the market today contain citrus oils.  Among the diverse group that may contain citrus oils are the following:

  • wildlife control supplies
  • cosmetics
  • flavorings in medicine
  • aftershave lotions
  • bath products
  • botanical insecticides
  • hand cleansers
  • cleaning solvents

Many of these products contain d-limonene and for that reason are packaged in fluorinated containers.  In untreated plastic containers, d-limonene can cause paneling (the sides of the package can collapse inward) and also it may permeate through the package and cause the labels to peel off and that permeation can also effect product efficacy.

As always, we strongly recommend testing of your product in the fluorinated containers we sell, as product compatibility is the responsibility of the purchaser.  We would be happy to provide samples for testing.  Please scroll to the end of the article for our jug selection and pricing.



F Style Fluorinated Jugs






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