Getting your packaging to you promptly and in good order is our shipping departments highest priority. We offer the following shipping options.

  • Our Trucks
  • LTL (less than truckload)
  • UPS / FedEx (small parcel shipments of one to several boxes)
  • Customer Pickups at our warehouse


Shipping Costs:

We operate our own trucks and deliver orders of sufficient size within approximately 100 miles of North Haven, CT. Other orders are shipped FOB North Haven, CT or, if large enough, FOB the manufacturing plant. Transportation costs for empty containers can be quite significant. UPS shipments are normally charged at the standard ground shipment rates. Common carrier shipments made prepaid from the shipping location incur a 25% surcharge on the freight cost. Expedited service shipments are generally made on the customer’s freight account or we add the 25% surcharge.
As an example of the escalating cost of freight with distance, consider the following:
A 70 lb. package shipped in UPS Zone 2 (closest to Yankee) via standard commercial ground service as of 1/1/08 costs $21.65. The same package shipped to California costs $66.85. Next Day Air shipment to California would cost $345.43

Packing Charges:

Our prices are generally based on shipping the items as received from the manufacturer. Some items require special packing for shipment via the “small parcel” environment, glass and the larger tinplate cans are two examples. At our discretion, we charge $5.00/”UPS pack”, as needed. Glass items are only sold in full case quantities. We will break cases of most plastic and metal items for a charge of $5.00/broken case.

Order Policies:

Please see our order policies  page for information on our specific order policies.