1 x 4 Litre Plastic Jug in 4G Packaging – ENT-KIT-4LPB

We stock 1 x 4 litre poly combo packaging with a UN rating of UN4G/Y6.5/S/14/USA/+AG0606.  This packaging, or kit, consists of the following items:

  • OBMJ4101B/F422   – 38439 Acid Cap
  • RCC68930-08 – 4 Litre Round Center Fill Jug
  • VCI46422  – 1 x 1 4L poly Combo UN Box
  • VCI46427  – Insert for VCI46422

The packaging is comprised of a black acid cap, a 4 litre center fill acid jug, a 1 x 4 litre poly combo UN box and and  an insert for the box.

These kits require the use of bottle RCC68930-08 with cap OBMJ4101B/F422 for UN compliance.

The pieces to the kit are shipped separately to the end user.  Instructions as to how to assemble the kit are found on the paperwork included with the order.  See below:

Assembly Instructions 

1)  Use bottle #RCC68930-08 – 4 litre solid handle round, 38/439, 180 g nat.
2)  Use closure #OBMJ4101B/F422 – 38439 polypro cap with .055F422 liner
Torque cap to 39-40 IN-LBS
3)  Set up box #VCI46422 using  1 strip of 1-7/8″(or 3″) PS, heavy duty plastic tape
(Staples premium clear, 3M#355 or equal, min. 1.9mil thick); or 1 strip of 2-13/16″
reinforced PS plastic tape(RC Packaging “3 FT DECKER”).  All tapes extend min. 2-1/2″
on box sides.
4)  Place inner package in box
5)  Place corrugated die cut insert #VCI46427 over bottle
6)  Seal box as in step #3 above
Bottle has passed a 110 KPA pressure test.
Plastic bag and absorbency required for air shipment.



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