10 Oz Containers

We carry plastic jars in the 10 ounce size.  As with the other injection molded jars that we stock, the selections are regular wall or thick wall.  These jars come in clarified polypropylene, white polypropylene and clear polystyrene, however, not all jars come in all three materials.  Please see the list below for available choices.


A list of caps can be found here.







Regular Wall Injection Molded Jars


While our 10 oz 63mm jars are available in clear polystyrene, clarified and white polypropylene, our 10 oz 100mm jars are only available in clarified or white polypropylene.



Thick Wall Injection Molded Jars

Our 10 oz 100mm thick wall jars are only available in white or clarified polypropylene, they are not available in clear polystyrene.


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Author: Gail

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