160 Oz Containers – 10 Lb.

10 lb can, metal can, slip cover tin, metal can with slide on cover

Our 160 oz containers include selections from both plastic and tin.  The choices are as follows:

  • 160 Oz (10 lb) White plastic tub – lid sold separately
  • 160 Oz Round Paint Can – also known as Imperial Gallon – lid sold separately
  • Slip Cover Tin – lid included


Plastic Tub – Lid Sold Separately


For more information on plastic tubs click here.

5 Quart Tin Can – Imperial Gallon – Lid Sold Separately

For more information on our imperial gallon click here.

10 Lb Slip Cover Tin


For a complete list of our slip cover tins click here.









This has been an article on containers by size.




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