168 Oz Wide Mouth PVC Handled Canister

We currently stock a 168 oz. wide mouth handled canister, item # RTCHO5PLAIN. This canister is made out of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic and has an opening of 110mm, approximately 4.5″. PVC is a clear soft resin and it’s clarity and drop impact resistance make it a good choice for a durable container. The wide mouth opening allows you to reach in, if necessary, to grab your product. We are told by some of our customers that they use this container for cereal, grain, snack jars, flour, road salts, bird seed, dog and cat foods. It makes a nice display as the clarity of the plastic allows your product to be shown easily. Containers with smaller openings made of PVC can be used for salad oil, mineral oil, shampoos and cosmetic products.





Categories: plastic jars | plastic jugs

Author: Gail

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