2.5 Gallon Bottle/Jug With Liquid Measurement Marks

Do you need to know, at a glance, how much liquid is left in your bottle?  We stock a 2.5 gallon bottle or rectangular f style jug that would fit that requirement.  The features of this jug are listed below:


  • constructed of high density polyethylene
  • translucent
  • gallon and liter graduation marks
  • economically priced
  • 63mm neck finish
  • UN4G when sold in 2/pack reshipper box
  • 24 bottle/jug bulk pack (no UN rating) for better pricing
  • FDA compliant


This 2.5 gallon bottle/jug sold in the 2 pack reshipper box has a UN rating of UN4G/Y32/S.  If you do not need a UN rating for your product and if you are looking for the best price, then you can purchase the 24 bottle bulk pack.  We sell the bottle both ways so that you can customize the order to meet your particular requirements.












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Author: Gail

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