2.5 Gallon Containers

We have 2.5 gallon containers in plastic, fiber and combination packaging.  Among the selections are the following:

  • Cubitainer
  • F Style Jugs – in 2/pack reshipper and in 24/case bulk packs – Caps sold separately
  • Standard All Fiber Drum
  • 2.5 Gallon Easy Open Pail with Handle – Lids sold separately
  • 2.5 Gallon Easy Open Pail – no Handle – Lids sold separately

10 Litre Kube

Our 10 litre kube is also know as combination packaging, 4G packaging,  and a bag in a box.  It comes complete with box, bag and cap.  It is UN rated at UN4G/Y15.8/S


2.5 Gallon F Style Jug – Cap Sold Separately

Our 2.5 gallon F style plastic jugs can be purchased in a 2/pack reshipper box or 24 per case in a bulk pack.  These jugs are made from natural high density polyethylene and have litre and graduation marks allowing you to view the level of product in the jug.

For for information of these jugs click here.

2.5 Gallon Fiber Drum

Our 2.5 gallon fiber drum is a standard all fibre drum.  It is made from all fiber (no metal parts) and has a UN rating of UN1G/Y30/S.

2.5 Gallon Easy Open Plastic Pail – Lid Sold Separately

Our 2.5 gallon easy open plastic pails are sold with and without a handle.  They are also referred to as ice cream buckets and Italian ice buckets.  For more information on these please click here.

This has been an article on containers by size.


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